Photo courtesy of Brooke Ostler Photography

Photo courtesy of Brooke Ostler Photography

About Anthony

I am a master’s student in the Philosophy department of the University of Arkansas. My current research focuses on cognitive architectures, the semantics/pragmatics divide, and other issues in the philosophy of mind and language (including implicit cognition, the nature of alief, and moderate contextualism). I am also a graduate candidate in the Office of Sustainability’s certificate program exploring the relationship between green business practices and animal ethics.

Additional interests include embodiment’s implications for moral psychology, axiological grounding and its relationship to political ecology, and various issues in the philosophy of religion (atheological arguments, philosophical eschatology, theological aesthetics).


  • MA, Philosophy, University of Arkansas, in process

  • MA, Philosophy of Religion, Denver Seminary, 2012

  • BA, Anthropology, Colorado State University, 2009